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Rejuvenated Small Resources Index Up 70%

The seeds of an embryonic resource sector rejuvenation that were sown last year, show every indication of being strongly maintained throughout 2017.

Commodities rose strongly, right across the board - these include gold (up 17%), silver (up 21%), cobalt (up 32%), copper (up 33%), nickel (up 37), lead (up 47%), crude oil (up 55%), tin (up 62%), iron ore (up 85%), zinc (up 88%), and coking coal (up 250%) - along with lithium and graphite. 

High-quality junior companies are now once again able to raise funding for exploration,appraisal and development activities, markets are reacting positively to favourable company news, and share prices are continuing to move in the right direction. The proof of the pudding is in the eating - high-quality smaller companies have significantly outperformed the sector’s heavyweights. These smaller independent companies are also much more highly leveraged to the better-performing commodities.

This is reflected in the Australian Small Resources Index graph below, which rose by a staggering 70% last year. Already, the Index has risen by 8% so far in 2017 - and is up 49% from its low point last year.

S&P Australian ASX

Small Resources Index

Source: Investing.com, 17 Feb 2017

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20-Year Gold Price

Performance (AUD/oz)

Source: goldprice.org

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