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2015 is seeing initial steps in a revival of specific commodities - such as oil, zinc, nickel, copper and uranium - which are recovering from recent lows. 

Carefully selected resource equities are set to benefit from exposure to these resurgent commodities, which have been trading at close to cyclical lows.

We target superior returns, irrespective of prevailing conditions and market sentiment, by utilizing stock-specific research. Accordingly, we identify high-quality emerging companies that boast experienced management, sound projects and robust financials, which can survive tough market conditions. Our investment approach has been developed based on 25 years’ experience following the highs and the lows of the resources sector.

Our independent research is the ideal tool to assist you with your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).


Talisman Mining (ASX: TLM)
*Up 440% since initial buy-in during January 2014 (*As at 3 August 2015)

Pilbara Minerals (ASX: PLS)
*Up 120% since initial buy-in during June 2015
  (*As at 3 August 2015)

Highlands Pacific (ASX: HIG)
*Up 26% since initial buy-in during March 2015 (*As at 3 August 2015)

The graphic above is significant because it reflects recovering commodity prices for zinc, nickel, copper and oil – and to a lesser degree gold – over the past 30 days. The chart reflects tightening supply-demand fundamentals for each of these commodities and in many instances declining LME stockpiles.

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Our reports are simple, concise and easy to understand by both big and small investors alike - and our research is 100% independent.


With over 800 listed resource companies on the ASX, there are more investment opportunities available than most investors realise. Accessing independent expert advice on the smaller resource companies has been a challenge.

Our reports provide comprehensive analysis of emerging resource opportunities. We offer investors the most informative and best-value resource equity service available.

Gavin Wendt

Senior Resource Analyst

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14 -15 OCTOBER 2015


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