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The seeds of recovery are being sown within the Australian resources sector and mining stocks are set to outperform.

Our weekly in-depth share market report provides a selection of emerging mining and energy opportunities, plus daily coverage of commodities and resource sector-related issues. We advise what stocks to buy in the stock market and when to sell. Our research is the ideal tool to assist
you with your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

  • Focus - analysis of quality stocks in the emerging resource space

  • Experience - more than 20 years' resource stock selection

  • Independence - unbiased and objective stock research

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Having experienced first-hand the highs and the lows of the resources industry over several decades allows us a much clearer perspective in terms of industry trends and opportunities.

Our approach is based on a sound investment strategy. We identify companies with solid fundamentals based on the key criteria of skilled management, quality projects and robust financials. We cater for anyone who has an interest and passion for investing in Australian resource companies,from financial institutions and fund managers, to high net worth individuals and smaller retail investors.

Our reports are simple, concise and easy to understand by both big and small investors alike - and our research is 100% independent.


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With almost 900 listed resource companies on the ASX, there are more investment opportunities available than most investors realise. The junior resources space is where the most profitable investment returns can be made.

The challenge for investors however has been the ability toaccess independent expert advice on the full spectrum of resources opportunities - particularly smaller ones. The overwhelming focus tends to beon larger companies already familiar to most investors.

Our MineLife equity reports provide up-to-the-minute, comprehensive daily analysis of emerging resource opportunities. We believe we offer investors the most informative and best-value independent resource equity service available.


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